Lawyer Creates FB Group Aimed To Crowdsource Info On Traffic and Flood Areas

Atty. Banjo Navarro started the FB group while his daughter,
Namee, co-administers it.
MANDALUYONG, Philippines - It's not fun in the Philippines when one is stuck in traffic for five to seven hours as was the case last night.  From 6:00 pm to midnight of Tuesday, September 8, 2015, most of Metro Manila were caught in a traffic standstill owing to the sudden heavy downpour which flooded several areas in Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, and Makati.

As an aid to help this perennial problem of horrendous traffic, a lawyer created a Facebook group which aims to crowdsource information on traffic and flood situations in the metropolis.  Atty. Constantino "Banjo" Navarro III, created the FB group Traffic/Baha Ditooooo! so that members could feed in what's happening in the metro.

As of this writing, the group has 829 members.  The FB group is currently co-administered by Atty. Banjo's daughter, Namee.

Asked as to whether the group can add more members, Atty. Banjo replied, "As long as they have an  inherent desire to help inform others please add them".

While there are many users to the popular navigation app Waze, many would agree that there are many things which Waze cannot tell a motorist.  The FB group  Traffic/Baha Ditooooo! supplements the information one can get from Waze through pictures and descriptive reports by both motorists and pedestrians.

The FB group can be found at :

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